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The very heart and core of Oli's Boxship is to ignite creative play for our young ones. Through creative play, kids develop their intellectual and motor skills, while giving them an avenue to express themselves. Oli's Boxship uses educational STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) content for kids to discover, create, and play!

We believe in sparking creative play for kids by making it more accessible and engaging. Through a monthly subscription box shipped to the kids themselves, kids have something to look forward to each month that would ignite their creativity and curiosity.

While kids engage in creative play, the Boxships are also designed as pre-planned and prepared bonding activities for family and friends. We provide you the flint, you do the play.

We believe that though our kids today may seemingly be drowning in the digital sea, creative play was never lost and has always been around. We just need the right medium. Oli's Boxship is here to save the day! 


Oli's Boxship ships nationwide in the Philippines. 

Subscribing is quick and easy: 

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