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Astrid's Dedication

Astrid's Dedication

The first time we used @olisboxship_onthego was for Theo's birthday last July and it was a hit for both kids and parents.. So this time for Astrid's Dedication Party, we decided to get boxes from Oli for our little VIPs again 😉 If you have a special occasion planned, you can order these Creative Play-in-A Box kits to distribute as your giveaways or in my case, you can also opt to create a little work station at your party and have a designated adult walk through the activity with them and keep your little guests busy during the event itself. 😘🙏 We didn't have a party program for the kids, so this was a big win for us!! Kids were completely hooked and happy 😍 The best decision ever was getting these boxes for the kiddos!! @olisboxship

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