Hatching Animals Set

Hatching Animals Set

  • ₱800.00

Still not over your Easter Egg Hunt? Here is another creative play activity that will get them learning while playing! 

Great tool to teach: 
* Object permanence to babies
* Color matching
* Counting
* Vocabulary building
* Different animals and how they are born

Hatching Animals Set 

by: Play Factory Ph

🥚 12 oviparous animal plushies
🥚 12 giant colorful eggs matching animals’ colors
Red t-rex 🦖
Green crocodile 🐊
Black penguin 🐧
Yellow chick 🐣
Orange duck 🦆
White owl 🦉
Turquoise iguana🦎
Pink snake 🐍
Brown turtle 🐢
Gray lizard 🦎
Blue platypus
Purple ostrich 👁

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