Ideas to Invention

Ideas to Invention

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Once upon a time, Oli had an idea that he wanted to explore Earth so he invented a telemicroscope that can zoom in and out of things! He discovered Earth all the way from Ink Blot Land and that is how his adventure with you began! 

Let's teach our kids to chase those ideas!  All great inventions begin with an idea.

Let's get those ideas going by discovering different inventions of land, water, and air!

For Craftivity, your car is powered by gasoline but let's build Oli a car that is powered by nothing but air! Have a car race while you're at it! 

For Funcycle, rafts are the most basic of a boat design. Let's build a special raft powered by a rubberband propeller for extra speed! 

Have you ever had a marvellous idea that you just forgot ?  Join Miko's and Rico's adventure as they look for their lost idea in "The Idea Jungle" ( autographed by author Pam Ang) .

Every Boxship includes a storybook; a magazine filled with comics, activities and easy to follow instructions; and complete materials for two activities. 



It gets kids excited to receive packages in their name! Simply type the child's name when you make a purchase and we will handwrite it on the box sticker. 

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This Boxship includes: book, Discover with Oli magazine, Car template, straw, wheels, tape, balloon, sticks, play dough, small cups, parachute materials, human toys, bamboo, dowels, propeller, rubber bands, short wooden sticks, spiral sticks, adhesive, thick rubber band

* Colors of materials may vary. 

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