Oli's Summer Bundle Promo

Oli's Summer Bundle Promo

  • ₱3,900.00

Looking for ways to keep the little ones occupied this summer?

Keep the gadgets away and keep them learning through play with 

Oli's Summer Bundle Promo

Get 4 Summer Themed Boxships for only P3,900 (FREE SHIPPING!)
Boxships will be delivered every 2 weeks.

Bundle Includes complete material for 8 activities, 4 storybooks and 4 magazines.
Activities include: Growing a Garden, Designing a Farmer's Apron, Making Lemonade Slushies, Making Homemade Candles, Learning Tie Dye, Building a 2-in-1 Fishing Game, Liquid Rainbow Experiment, Creating a Paper Bleeding Art Masterpiece.

 Let's keep them learning, exploring and of course letting them have fun - while spending time with them, too! 

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