Real Heroes Set

Real Heroes Set

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We bet your kids love watching superheroes with their awesome cape, mask, and superpowers!
They probably want to be a superhero, too! 🦹‍♀️

With the virus we face today, we are showed what a real-life hero is. 👩‍⚕️
We see it in the ordinary people who sacrifice to help others. 👮👷‍♀️

Oli hopes that this inspires your little ones to believe that we all have great powers within us to help and save others. 👨‍🎤

This set is a great learning through play tool to explain the current pandemic as well as about values such as empathy, kindness and compassion. 

Real Heroes Set activities include: 

1. Be a Superhero 🦹‍♀️🦸‍♂️

Let's design your own superhero cape and mask by using tangrams. Learn about Math and get creative! 

2. Create a Magnetic Slime 🦠

Let's pretend our magnetic slime is the virus.
See how you can make it move without touching it! 

3.  Choose among 3 different activities that are a tribute to our frontliners ( subject to availability, first come first served): 

a. Formulate Growing Crystals 👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬

Scientists all over the world are trying to find a cure for the virus. Let's pray that they find it, soon! Just like a scientist, let's formulate and experiment by growing crystals overnight. 

b. Design a Farmer's Apron 🧑‍🌾👩‍🍳

While we are on quarantine, there are those working hard to make sure we get our basic needs. We are grateful to those who help prepare the food we eat every day.
Let's design our Farmer's Apron.

c. Make a  Heroes Squishy Toy  👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

What does today's real life hero look like to you? Is it a doctor, nurse, scientist?  Let's make a Squishy toy in the image of the real life hero you thought of. 

* Don't forget to indicate your chosen tribute activity ( Magic Crystal, Farmer's Apron or Squishy Toy) upon checkout. You can write it on the box where it says "Personalize your Boxship). Subject to availability. 
If none is chosen, we will choose for you :)

P1,500 for a set of 3 On-the-Go kits

Science + Art + Diy Acitvities


* Kits are not sold separately, only as a set. 

* These kits are part of @oliboxship_onthego giveaway kits. This is a special promotion to try 3 kinds of giveaways kits.  Giveaway kits are usually 36 kits minimum order per theme. 😁

* Check out other Oli's Boxship on-the-go giveaways kits here.

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