Space Play Set

Space Play Set

  • ₱3,000.00

Having fun with your Rocket Launch from a Space Mission Boxship? 

Here's another creative play activity to help your kids discover space!
Try to spot Oli's friends, too!:)


By: Play Factory PH

This space set is hand crafted and was meticulously designed. All details were based from NASA.

Complete set includes:

• 8 major planets, earth’s moon, sun
• 5 dwarf planets!
• Astronaut and spaceship
• 2 aliens and spacecraft
• Comet
• Laminated info cards to aid in teaching (our design on one side and NASA photo + fun facts on the other)
• Foldable mat with orbits, the Asteroid Belt and extending until Kuiper Belt (Blank wall? Use it as decor!)

Packaging- one storage pouch for the plushies and cards and another one for the mat

Dimension - Mat is huge at 1.5 yards wide x 1 yard tall

Mat has loops on top for hanging. Plushies can be placed anywhere on mat for the ultimate free play in space!

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