Love Spelled Time

Kids treasure time you spent with them!
Let's spend intentional time with our kids and bond over a gooey science experiment and making a time capsule!

It’s slime time! Slime makes for an interesting and fun science experiment as we mix different components and see how they react with one another to come up with the perfect, stretchy slime!

For Funcycle, reach out to your future self by making a time capsule! Collect tokens from the present, place them inside your Boxship and seal them with your own handprint plaster. 

Years from now, you and your kid will unearth your time capsule and remember the time you spent together! Your memories will be filled with so much love and fondness !



It gets kids excited to receive packages in their name! Simply type the child's name when you make a purchase and we will handwrite it on the box sticker. 

Gift Tag

Our Boxships make great gifts! If you are sending this to a loved one, we are happy to include a gift tag. Just include your message upon check out and we will attach the gift tag with your message in front of the box. It will also inform the recipient if you are giving a subscription. 


Love Spelled Time

  • ₱980.00

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