Save the Earth

Save the Earth

  • ₱980.00

We at Oli's Boxship Headquarters are so so excited about this month's theme! 

We are relatively new in our saving the earth journey and making changes isn't easy but we all have to believe that doing our own small part makes a big difference!

We are happy with the increasing awareness and available information nowadays to help save the earth and we believe that educating our kids as early as possible will help them develop habits that will help save the earth!

Save the Earth Boxship includes complete materials for 2 FUNCYCLING activities: 

1. Use recycled materials to make an ArtBot that moves, wobbles and draw!

2. Recycle old paper and make them into new ones which you can use to write and draw!

Beyond the crafting skills your kids will learn from this Boxship is the knowledge that they can recycle "trash" into new, reusable items which will help them develop the habit of recycling and reusing items instead of always buying more things. :)



It gets kids excited to receive packages in their name! Simply type the child's name when you make a purchase and we will handwrite it on the box sticker. 

Gift Tag

Our Boxships make great gifts! If you are sending this to a loved one, we are happy to include a gift tag. Just include your message upon check out and we will attach the gift tag with your message in front of the box. It will also inform the recipient if you are giving a subscription. 

* Colors of materials may vary. 


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