Make Magic

Make Magic

  • ₱980.00

Olicadabra!  Your little ones will become master magicians as they perfect one magic trick after another. 
Kids learn different magic tricks as they perfect one illusion after another!

Basic:            Conjuring their magic wand
Novice:          Making a coin disappear
Amateur:        Pulling a handkerchief from an empty box
Intermediate: Magic Water
Advance:       Disappearing Object
Expert:           Levitating Card

Teach your kids that practice makes perfect; build their character by having them learn patience & determination and develop their confidence as they perform for family & friends! 

Every Boxship includes a storybook; a magazine filled with comics, activities and easy to follow instructions; and complete materials for two activities. 

* Book may vary




It gets kids excited to receive packages in their name! Simply type the child's name when you make a purchase and we will handwrite it on the box sticker. 

Gift Tag

Our Boxships make great gifts! If you are sending this to a loved one, we are happy to include a gift tag. Just include your message upon check out and we will attach the gift tag with your message in front of the box. It will also inform the recipient if you are giving a subscription. 


This Boxship includes: book, Discover with Oli magazine, magic wand, handkerchief, magic box, Oli playing card, string, straw, clear cup, card stock, coin, metallic paper, glue dots, magnets, sticker, Magician's sticker, paper bowl, balloon, container, tumbtacks

* Colors of materials may vary. 

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