A Few Favorite Things: How To Survive With No Helper by A Momma Abroad

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Amber of A Momma Abroad has some cool ideas to share on how to survive with no helper! 

And we're happy to find out that Oli's Boxship is one of them! :) 

It has always been one of Oli's Boxship main goals - to help moms out there by taking care of the preps so they can focus on bonding with their kids!


Here's what Amber had to say:


|Oli's BoxOli's Box came at a great time of need when I felt like a connection was missing with my kids. I felt so 'busy' trying to get from one place to the next, cooking one meal to the next and popping in laundry that sitting down with the kids on a Saturday morning to work on a fun project was a breath of fresh air. I love creating with my kids so to have everything in one place and ready to go was monumental. I love you Oli's Boxship and so do my kids!



We love you too, Amber, Oz, Aaker and Wells! -Oli

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