A Non-toy Gift Guide for Kids this Christmas

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by Sheena Loves Sunsets

non toy gift guide

Luke has been blessed with more toys than we could ever ask for and we are grateful. But as I was cleaning out our closets, I realized that we actually had a lot of unopened boxes of toys (and they just keep piling up year after year!) Having a few wonderful toys are essential but there really is such a thing as having TOO MUCH toys. And I know I’m not alone in this!

So this year, I’m going to try something different. I’m taking on the challenge to prepare non-toy gifts for the kids on our own gift list and we’re sharing with you guys a non-toy gift guide for parents who wish to do the same!
Here are our top suggestions! Happy shopping and may the gifts you give this Christmas bring laughter and smiles to the kids you are giving them to.

       1. BOOKS

Considering I’ve already curated our books at home, we still have a LOT. And truth be told, I like it that way! I think many of you moms can relate because when I did the survey for this article, the #1 answer for your preferred non-toy gift was books!

And why not? Books can bring kids to places they’ve never been and gives them the opportunity to live the lives they dream of living. Not to mention the many memories that reading aloud with their parents can bring. Giving books is like giving them an adventure and possibly, special moments they will treasure for a lifetime!


Truth be told, TIME is still the best gift you can give kids. Right? So why don’t you take that special little kid out for a day? Spend time together and you’ll be surprised at how memorable the experience will be for them. If for one reason or another you can’t join them, get them entrance tickets to these attractions so they can go with their family!


      • If you were to gift my son Disney on Ice tickets, he will love you forever and never forget you! Haha. We surprised him with Disney on Ice tickets last year and he almost cried with joy when he looked outside the car and saw the signage. One year after, he’s still talking about that experience. Now that’s value for money for sure. Haha. 

        For the kids in your life, why not gift them tickets to kid-friendly performances, plays or concerts?Give them an afternoon (or night) they’ll remember! There are usually a lot of shows going on during this season so you shouldn’t have a hard time choosing. Regularly check ticket sites online such as TicketWorld or TicketNet to see what they have available.

        TIP: Don’t forget to consult with the parents for scheduling (and ask to make sure they haven’t purchased their own tickets yet!)

        8. PLANTS

      •  I recently shared about building our own mini vegetable garden at home and it was all thanks to Luke’s grandma who gifted us with everything we needed, such as the seeds and plants to start with! Giving kids plants will not only be a fun experience for them but will also teach them valuable life skills such as patience, responsibility and hard work.


        • Gardening Tool Set: Watering can, shovel, gloves
        • Set of Easy-to-Grow Seeds/Plants: Monggo, Tomato, Kalamansi, Okra, Basil and other herbs
        • Easy-to-Grow Kits: They come complete with the seeds, pot and fertilizer/potting mix. (Saw some available at local groceries)

        9. STAYCATIONS

    • If you’re ready to spoil some kids, go all out and book them a trip! Whether it’s a daytrip to a nearby town or a 3-day stay at a beach resort, these kids will surely come home with lots of fun stories and precious memories to boot. And that’s something no kind of toy can replace!

      Need some ideas? If you live near Manila like us, here are some suggestions for trips you can book them on that’s just a few hours drive away!

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