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What to do this summer with your kids? Amber of A Momma Abroad has some terrific suggestions! 

Beat The Mainit Part l



The heat is on, on the street! Inside your head, on every beat! Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho!

Now do you have that song stuck in your head? Me too. But seriously, sobra mainit these days and I am pulling out all the tricks to endure this heat. Here are few highlights that have helped me survive the summer heat wave. 

Oli's Boxship|

Oli's Boxship is something we all look forward to every month. It's a subscription box that shows up at your house every month full of experiments, crafts, games and books to help get your young ones and you creating together! I love it. At this point in motherhood I am tired a lot of the time and it has been monumental to have these simple and exciting activities to look forward to. Pro tip: don't do the activities all at once. Take your time and space them out over a week so you can be 'playful mom' over and over again. For a 10% discount code enter 'playfulmum10' at the check out. :) 

Making a hypothesis about how the plants will grow

Making a hypothesis about how the plants will grow

Getting our planter and seeds ready

Time for the planting!

It is so nice to open a kit and get to work with the kids and not have to do any of the preparation!


Click here to check out Amber's complete suggestions of things to do with your kids this summer. :)

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