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Creative Play by OLI'S BOXSHIP

Today's kids are highly influenced by modern technology. Tablets, laptops, phones have always been a necessity not just to adults but also to kids, even younger ones. When we were still kids, the era where internet is not so accessible, we always find ourselves playing with other kids outside our home. Sometimes, if we have enough art materials at home, we do pretend play. Create your own characters, imagination is the key!
OLI'S BOXSHIP is all about creative play. It is a monthly subscription box delivered to your door step, curated every month with different themes that your kids will look forward to. It encourages parent-child interaction.
This box has landed at our door step!
The box is as big as a shoe box, an adult shoe box!
Look at Yale's name written on it! Yes, your kid's name can be written on the box, another great feeling for a child is seeing his/her name on the package.
What's Inside the box?
- Includes all the materials you need for two activities.
- A creative play magazine, easy instructions + fun stuff
- Learning while playing
The theme for June was: "When In Asia."
OLI'S BOXSHIP helps parent and child interaction, what we often neglect to have. When Yale was still a baby until his toddler age, I was so busy working that I didn't spend enough time with him to bond and play. I regret every single time and day that I wasn't able to encourage him do creative things and communicate with me. 
Parent-child interaction is very important. It entails stronger relationship that will be helpful for both parent and child. With the first activity that we did, an hour was spent without any gadgets (phone, laptop or tablet). Both of us were engaged in the art activity, communicating, talking with each other on how to do this and that. He was encouraged to talk clearly, ask for help, tell me what to do and so on. He was also excited to see the outcome of our first activity - Funcycling. 

Yale called our first project: "My show". The idea of the curtain and puppet show made him so excited to play it after. We were all sparkling because of the glitters! :)
Since Oli's Boxship of creative play is about parent-child interaction, it will be a very great help in child therapy. Talked to Sir Ramon who specializes in SPED, he said that gadgets are proven to delay a child's development. As parents, we wouldn't want that to happen. Yes, maybe sometimes gadgets helps us to baby-sit a child by playing nursery rhymes. But let's not do it as often as it is already replacing our role as parents. After all, they won't be kids for a long time, so let's spend every available time with them. Talk and encourage them to express themselves. Talk and let them know you love them. Time is more important than the expensive toys we give them.
Find OLI'S BOXSHIP on Facebook: Oli's Boxship and Instagram: @olisboxship . You can go to their website: to book your first box for Php 980, or subscribe monthly:
3 months at Php 880/month, 6 months at Php 800/month and 12 months for Php 750/month. Nationwide delivery to your doorstep! 
We have yet to finish another Craftivity, which we haven't started out but will definitely do it one of these days or maybe next weekend! Thank you so much Miss Stef of Oli's Boxship for sending Yale a box, this is highly recommended especially for those with kids who loves arts!
"Creative Play was never lost - perhaps drowned in the digital sea - but has always been around. We just need the right medium. We provide the flint, you do the play." - Oli's Boxship

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