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Oli was excited to be a part of Googly Gooeys's card making workshop! He was thrilled to see families come together for an afternoon of creative play. 


Here's an excerpt from Tippy of Googly Gooeys:

Craft Buffet and Card Making Workshop with S Maison


I remember as a kid how often I would create cards for my parents for special occasions. As I grew up, these turned into card-hunting and I would spend all night thinking about what to write. Years passed and then it turned into sending GIF’s & stickers into our family group chat.
Occasionally, I would create cards with my calligraphy / watercolor / brush lettering on it but recently, my schedule has just been a blur while attempting to juggle my life as a mom, worker, wife & daughter.
Last Mother’s Day though, I gave my mom and mother-in-law cards and together with the Googly Toblerone sleeve we designed. They had their photos taken with it and it was only then I realized how much they appreciated the gesture.
Fast-forward to our workshop last weekend with S Maison, as much as we designed the workshop in such a way that it’s easy for moms & kids to enjoy the activity, I still had a mini mini question mark in my mind if the mall-goers will actually enjoy this. Looking at the photos now, we’re just so happy that we had several families gather bonding while crafting. So proud of the dads who joined too! 🙂



I was also happy to see how our lucky participants got to enjoy their Toblerone bars and Oli’s Box Ship Slime kits! To those who have been asking, Oli’s Box Ship is subscription-based. Kits can be ordered from their website. ( Just like us, their objective is for kids to get to explore and learn while creating. As you can see, the elements in the kit are properly labeled and there are also step-by-step instructions for them to follow. They also have upcoming workshops by the way. Check out their Instagrampage for announcements. Given the nature of kids, I don’t usually expect kids to follow all the rules at workshops like this. For one, I saw a kid who was busy working on caricatures of famous historical figures.


Watch the kids have fun with our slime making video

Want to find out more about the other surprises during the event? Read the full article here

Don't forget to head over Googly Gooeys for more creative ways to spend time with your kids! 

Special thanks to Tippy for having us and creating our slime making video! 

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