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by A Momma Abroad

Every month we get the cutest subscription box from Oli’s Boxship. I look forward to it every time but the kids especially look forward to it. There is always a Fun Cycle, Craftivity, coloring page and my personal favorite, a book! A few months ago we were lucky enough to open a box with The Idea Jungle in its contents, which fits perfectly in theme with Oli's Boxship creative play.


"Miko and Rico enjoy sharing ideas: funny, weird, exciting, thought provoking, marvellous ideas. But when Rico comes up with the most brilliant one ever, it just disappears! So the brothers set out in search of it, ultimately venturing deep into the place where all lost thoughts go: the idea jungle. When the boys finally recover Rico’s brilliant idea, they don’t share it with the reader. "

Ideas and thoughts are often an ambiguous concept to talk about but the authors so beautifully brought the concept to life. The artworks always dances the line of abstract and I believe, plays on that same concept. A lovely read!



This particular Oli's Boxship the boys got a kit for bath bombs. They mixed the ingredients, pressed the molds and then enjoyed a nice foot spa with their bath bombs at the end. 


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