Preen Gift Guide: Local finds for your little tots

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Preen Gift Guide: Local finds for your little tots  

By: Marla Darwin

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At some point during the deluge of holiday errands, shopping for small children is one of the reprieves I enjoy. This age group is relatively easier to read for the sheer amount of earnestness and whimsy you can spot with them.
I’m a big fan of doing a bulk of my Christmas shopping online. It’s been a big game changer if you hate crowds and traffic. And if you know where to look, there are a ton of unique and interesting finds that you won’t see in malls. To follow that spirit of earnestness and whimsy, here are some of the coolest local online shops I came across for kids gifting:

Oli’s single boxship

Oli’s Boxship describes themselves as “the first book-based creative play subscription box in the Philippines.” To order an Oli’s Boxship is to gift the joy of analog play back to children. The activities center around a theme (farming, exploration, magic, etc.) with hands-on applications that can range from artsy to science-y. With such thoughtful packaging and intentional storytelling, this is the sort of play that will get the adults in the room excited, too.


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