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I admit my kids have been using their iPads now more than ever. Too hot to go outside every day and on most days, we’ve exhausted all possible indoor activity for my kids–art, pretend play, read & write. Nothing gets my kids excited as much as tinkering with a new toy or a trying new activity. But let’s face it, it’s not practical (and hello, we have no space to accommodate) to buy them toys on a weekly even monthly basis and trying a new activity more often than not may require traveling and scheduling (logistics, time, and everything else!) which unfortunately we are not abundant even during summer.

Is there any other way to get your kids imagination run free (without exhausting too much energy because we moms have 10,000 other things to do)  at the comfort of your own home? Order a monthly box such as Oli’s Boxship.

My kids can’t hide their smiles upon receiving their very own Oli’s Boxship. They’re red and tan from our beach trip heehee.

Oli’s Boxship is a curated monthly subscription box that offers science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities for kids ages 4 and above. Everything is well thought of that even the box itself can be upcycle.

We believe in sparking creative play for kids by making it more accesible and engaging. Through creative play, kids develop their intellectual and motor skills, while honing their ability to express themselves.

Creative play was never lost – perhaps drowned in the digital sea – but has always been around. We just need the right medium. We provide the flint, you do the play.


Each month offers different themes that is sure to engage your child. We unboxed our It’s A Bird’s Life Oli’s Boxship and was surprised to see there are two activities, a magazine and a book. Immediately my kids read the book first. They learned about the different kinds of birds. I segue to the time when we went to see the birds at Jurong Bird Park in Singapore but that was when lil’ Ms. JG was just 10 months old so she barely remember anything. 


After reading the book they did the craftivity and started with the birdhouse.

Painting and drawing are always fun. So I let my kids do their thing. They were the ones who planned which panel to color with what. 

One of the few times my kids really get along is when they do craft and art activities together.

Here’s what our birdhouse looks like! I wasn’t able to take a photo of the bird feeder they assembled though but nonetheless it was another fun activity they enjoyed doing. We put this on our balcony hoping we get to have a bird friend who can benefit from it.


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