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"Creative play was never lost - perhaps drowned in the digital sea - but has always been around. We just need the right medium. We provide the flint, you do the play."

I was never crafty and I don't consider myself creative, either.  I always wished I was both.   As a mom, I would like to encourage creative play for my child.   I think  one of our jobs as parents is to help our kids fulfill their creative potential.   I really wish Arya would grow up creative.  I believe that being creative and thinking out of the box will make you go places.  Creativity is crucial to success.

Good thing there are products like Oli's Box Ship. It is a subscription box that offers a surprise theme every month.  Being a busy mom, I don't have the luxury to scout for  crafting materials and activities for my little one.  I know there are available resources online on arts and crafts; but with so many errands and business admin stuff to do, moms like me could use something that's especially prepared and ready to use.

Yesterday, I received my Oli's Boxship package. I was so giddy as the box itself was so inviting.  Arya got so excited when  she saw it.  She was saying, "Gifts, gifts, open." It looked like a gift, indeed!   For the month of April, their theme is Music to my Ears.  Perfect for my little one as she loves music so much.  In fact, she enjoys playing the drums at my sister's house.  So imagine her joy when she saw the small pail and 2 sticks!  She got those immediately and started beating her "drum".  I told her we needed to decorate it first.  She patiently waited while I followed the craft instructions;  explaining to her what I was doing the whole time.  She is only turning 2 so she was not able to do everything by herself, although I still tried to get her involved by giving her simple tasks.  She was so pleased with her newly decorated drum and stick, as well as her new microphone.  She was happily busy tinkering with the other stuff included in the package.  Oh and there was a book included in the boxship, too- Mister Beetle's Special Guitar-which Arya also liked.  She likes books, animals and music! 

I recommend Oli's Boxship especially to older children. And I myself enjoyed doing the activity a lot!  It is definitely a good bonding experience for parents and kids.  I don't know for other mommas with children of same age as Arya, but I am not comfortable leaving her by herself to play with sticks and scissors.  I recommend  to keep your children under your careful watch during crafting to keep them safe from the sharp items.

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