What is Oli's Boxship?

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Oli's Boxship is a subscription box of craft surprises for kids delivered to them each month.   

Each Boxship is a different-themed craft box of fun-filled learning -- all the materials needed for Craftivity (Craft + Activity) and Funcyle (Fun + Upcycle), a Discover with Oli magazine, and a book that goes along with the monthly theme. 

Craftivity is all about craft activities, that are not only arts and crafts that children piece together, but actual activities that engage our kids like growing a grass head and launching their own rockets! 

Funcycle is putting the fun in upcycling. At an early age, kids are empowered with what they can do with a little creativity and resourcefulness. If they can make a foosball or a guitar out of their Boxships, imagine what doors we can open for them!

Discover with Oli is a kids' magazine of creative play. They get comics, trivia and facts, activity pages, and kid-friendly step-by-step instructions for the Craftivity and Funcycle

With the book matching the theme for the month, kids will find the joy in reading when reading goes side-by-side with hands-on fun. 

That's a whole load of fun and excitement prepared, packed, and shipped straight to your homes!


Give the gift of creative play. 

Oli's Boxship ships nationwide in the Philippines. 

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